Hammerspace Global Data Environment

The Global Data Challenge

Organizations and individuals are faced with numerous challenges that stem from an increasingly distributed workforce, data locked away by disparate silos and geography, and challenges leveraging the power of cloud. The world has changed from a mostly local workforce to a global workforce. The ongoing pandemic has rapidly accelerated this trend. Cloud offers unparalleled access to compute functions and storage. So why is data still locked away by disparate storage systems and geography? A global workforce requires the ability to consume and collaborate on global data. Cloud cannot be fully utilized without the ability easily and non-disruptively move data on a global scale limited only by organizational boundaries.

A Call to Action

Legacy infrastructure by its very nature is limited by data gravity and, therefore, data cannot be easily or rapidly moved from one storage silo to another, or from one geography to another. Data migration involves downtime, risk, and pain. But what if data could be freed from its gravity? What if data could be non-disruptively mobile and, thus, easily moved from one storage system to another, regardless of geography or underlying technology? What if one could declare the intent of data with a simple GUI checkbox or single command, and that data therefore would move transparently from one system to another, regardless of location or underlying storage technology? What if one could structure the unstructured in such a fashion that it autonomically conforms with business goals? What if the creators and consumers of data, namely applications and end-users, could access, collaborate, and derive value from all their data regardless of location or underlying infrastructure? What if the only boundaries of data were constrained by the needs of their applications, end-users, and organizations? Wouldn’t that be something worth exploring? What if underlying storage infrastructure were just a resource that could be consumed as easily as a power source or a utility? To solve the challenges imposed by legacy infrastructure, a new approach is necessary. Such an approach should bring applications and end-users, silos, and geography together in a Global Data Environment.

Global Data Environment

Hammerspace has recognized that these challenges require an entirely new approach, a new thinking that leverages underlying storage infrastructure but without silos and without data gravity. Therefore, Hammerspace has introduced the world’s first and only Global Data Environment to address these challenges. We recognized that an entirely new approach and different thinking was required to transcend the data gravity inherent with storage infrastructure. Thus, data is no longer trapped within silos or locations.

The Global Data Environment connects users and applications with all their data regardless of location. This innovation breaks down the boundaries of data access so that users and applications anywhere in the world can create, consume, process, store, and collaborate securely on data from any location on any underlying storage infrastructure, from edge, to data center, to cloud. In the words of David Flynn, Hammerspace Founder and CEO: “The world needs a revolutionary approach to data access. Hammerspace is committed to changing the paradigm of data storage. We break data free from the constraints of the storage system and liberate IT teams from endless manual data management and tasks. The Global Data Environment enables all data to automatically be accessed from infrastructure local to the user for maximum performance.”  The Global Data Environment can be divided into three main functional areas, Universal Data Access, Data Orchestration, and underlying infrastructure composed of expansive storage options.

Universal Data Access

Hammerspace Universal Data Access enables applications and end-users to operate more efficiently and effectively. This, in turn, drives higher creativity, innovation, growth, and profitability. Rich and granular file data services, such as file versioning, undelete, snapshots, and access-based enumeration empowers and brings together geographically dispersed teams to add value in a safe and globally consistent manner

Data Orchestration

The Global Data Environment provides Data Orchestration that makes data actionable and boundless by providing automation and control through granular declarative objectives. By separating metadata from data and, subsequently, infusing it with “superpowers” that we call Objectives, Hammerspace accomplishes something previously impossible. Objectives are declarative policies that make it possible to orchestrate data by intent. What this means in plain language is now possible to fully control the location, access, protection, performance, and cost of data. Best of all, Hammerspace makes this easy and simple with GUI checkboxes or CLI commands. Furthermore, the simplicity and usability does not sacrifice granularity or customization. Hammerspace Objectives provides rich and granular scripting controls for those that desire a deeper immersion and highly fine-grained control over complex workflows and production pipelines. With Hammerspace Objectives the sky is the only limit of how you can derive value from all your data.

Examples of what can easily be accomplished with Hammerspace Objectives through a simple GUI checkbox, single CLI command, or REST API call:

  • File-granular data replication across an active/active global file system
  • Data mobility (non-disruptive data movement without data gravity)
  • Snapshots with file-granular recovery
  • Undelete (instantly and easily recover deleted files across an entire global file system)
  • Tiering and archiving of any data, including snapshots, to any destination
  • File versioning (when a file changes, not when a snapshot is scheduled)
  • Write-Once-Read-Many protection (and many more possibilities to protect data)
  • Ransomware protection (and soon, native detection across the global file system)
  • ICAP virus scanning (any underlying storage system, including object and cloud)
  • Data encryption

Hammerspace Objectives provide simplicity yet unprecedented and nearly infinite possibilities for customization and control over data access, movement, location, protection, workflows, production pipelines, and more. This is true data orchestration and something you should expect from a modern data management solution.

Infrastructure Resources

Hammerspace Global Data Environment brings together infrastructure, from edge to data center to clouds, into a single cohesive resource so that it can serve your data needs much like a utility or common power grid. The Global Data Environment unites file systems, NAS appliances, software-defined storage, object storage, and clouds from different vendors and different locations into a single logical unit. This effectively puts and end to silos, sprawl, and makes data easy to find which makes it possible to collaborate and derive value from all your data anywhere.

Collaboration and production workflows automatically move data across the Global Data Environment from any location to any location within organizational boundaries and policies. Data administrators retain full control through Hammerspace Objectives ensuring that data availability, durability, and security complies with corporate policies and goals. The Hammerspace Global Data Environment unites silos into a single and easily managed resource, infuses data with superpowers (Objectives) allowing you to easily and instantly declare the intent of all your data, and finally makes data easier to find, protect, and collaborate on. Hammerspace Global Data Environment makes it simpler and easier to derive more value from all your data.

Johan Ballin

Director, Technical Marketing